Resetting the Bar on Stress Resiliency

Here I am off on holiday out to the west coast of Canada to catch up with family and friends. A vacation, at least I keep telling myself that in hopes that it will both sink in and be understood as truth. We should take vacation! We need to take vacations and time out from… Continue reading Resetting the Bar on Stress Resiliency

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Sangha – The Healing Power of Community

At the beginning of 2005 and three weeks before my 30th birthday I was alone, vulnerable and with a heartbreak so vast it consumed every fibre of my being. My six-year relationship had just ended. And while it had started off full of love and promises for the future, it ended with me a mere shell… Continue reading Sangha – The Healing Power of Community

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation on Connection

Please enjoy the following scripted meditation for gratitude. Feel free to share directly with your class or to make any adjustments that are better suited to you and your students. Namasté. Relaxing completely into our mat, let’s begin to settle in to the natural ebb and flow of our breath. Softening into this space. Closing… Continue reading Guided Meditation on Connection

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Vedantism and Violence

Waking up this morning to another mass shooting in the US, this time a college bar just north of LA where 10 people have been killed. Last week 2 people were killed inside a Yoga studio in Florida, the week before 11 killed in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This past summer in my own community… Continue reading Vedantism and Violence

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Thoughts from Rishikesh, India

  Well I’ve just arrived back from 10 days in beautiful Rishikesh, India. Still working through the remainders of jet lag and a beaten up immune system yet I have maintained that peaceful flow that seems to follow us back from a great holiday. The irony is that sleep was one element I was not… Continue reading Thoughts from Rishikesh, India