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Be the Source of Your Own Happiness

As someone who tries to stay on the optimistic side of life, I often look for the lessons to be learned when faced with challenges. As in when the stress of the challenge is starting to dissipate, some of the lessons are pointed out to me. After the ups and downs of emotions from the… Continue reading Be the Source of Your Own Happiness

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Love Attracts Love

Love attracts love... a mantra that came to me when I needed to hear it most. At the time I was alone, struggling to find my self-worth and unable to convince myself that I deserved love and deserved to be treated with respect by a partner. I had been "looking for someone to love" for a… Continue reading Love Attracts Love

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Take the Break

While Yoga retreats come in all shapes and forms, for me I use them as a true reset button for my practice. A chance to explore, peel back the layers, remove all other obstacles of daily living, set intentions, and completely dedicate myself to my practice.

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Invest in YOU!

Last week’s blog: How Much Are YOU Worth? Sparked something in me, as I know it did for many of you based on the comments I received through social media. First – a confession, what I write about is what I’m working on, and often through the process of writing (or soul purging) I discover… Continue reading Invest in YOU!

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3 Samskaras Keeping Us from Our Dreams

Samskaras are essentially our negative thought patterns or behaviours. They are generally unconscious. The kinds of things we do without thinking about like the route we take home from work or how we order our coffee. However, they go deeper than that, incorporating our sensory impressions of the world but also how we perceive this… Continue reading 3 Samskaras Keeping Us from Our Dreams

Class Themes

Class Theme: Mind/Body Detox

We often think of a detox style class to be focused on the workout. This cleansing practice however is a reset for both mind and body. A strong physical practice, but with moments built in between flows for reflection, observation and meditation. Think of this as space clearing for mind, body and spirit. The following… Continue reading Class Theme: Mind/Body Detox

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The Hustle

One of my words of the year for 2019 and just like all good resolutions, 10 days in and I’m questioning the whole damn thing. Somehow I’ve gotten myself all caught up in the idea that I need to work non-stop in order to be productive, prove my worth etc.. AGAIN! You’d think at some… Continue reading The Hustle

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Honouring Ourselves

The third Monday of the New Year is said to be mentally the hardest day of the year. So to honour this day, I'm digging out my very first blog post from 2011. Knowing this is a tough day, I very much wanted to share something uplifting with you. The reality is trying to come… Continue reading Honouring Ourselves