Life & Love

The Great Unknown

Not knowing where to start is where I’ve spent the last few weeks. Why I have neglected writing, but at this point not good enough anymore. I think a lot of us don’t know where to start. Don’t know how we are supposed to be feeling, what comes next, what comes now. This has really… Continue reading The Great Unknown

Life & Love

Each Little Step

You know that old saying, one step forward and two steps back. How it feels that much of our life seems to operate in this way. We start to make in roads and then suddenly are set back by something unforeseen. I sometimes feel that I waste a lot of energy here. Why are things… Continue reading Each Little Step

Class Themes

Class Theme: Patience

We can always use a reminder to be patient every now and then. "Patience is a virtue" my Dad always said, but I actually had no idea what he meant by that. I have been reminded lately that patience along with a little faith will bring you what you need in it's own due time.… Continue reading Class Theme: Patience

Life & Love

Vedantism and Violence

Waking up this morning to another mass shooting in the US, this time a college bar just north of LA where 10 people have been killed. Last week 2 people were killed inside a Yoga studio in Florida, the week before 11 killed in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This past summer in my own community… Continue reading Vedantism and Violence