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Catch Your Self

May 23rd in Toronto and though the temperature has warmed up enough that I don’t need my winter coat, the gloomy skies of the past few months continue to lurk overhead. I feel myself teetering on the edge of darkness, it’s waiting with open arms to suck me in. My unmade bed calling me back to… Continue reading Catch Your Self

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It’s All OK

If there is just one lesson that my yoga practice has taught me it’s that everything is okay. Even if it feels like it isn’t, even if we feel sometimes like we are drowning – it’s okay. It’s okay to feel however you feel, it’s okay for you to make choices that people don’t always… Continue reading It’s All OK

Yoga Teacher

The Importance of Being Trauma Informed

If you have been teaching group fitness, personal training or mind/body classes to the public there is no doubt that you have been teaching people with trauma and or PTSD. Trauma is a human experience and we will all be touched by varying degrees in our lifetime, some (generally those who’ve experienced severe and/or multiple… Continue reading The Importance of Being Trauma Informed

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Honouring Ourselves

The third Monday of the New Year is said to be mentally the hardest day of the year. So to honour this day, I'm digging out my very first blog post from 2011. Knowing this is a tough day, I very much wanted to share something uplifting with you. The reality is trying to come… Continue reading Honouring Ourselves