Yoga Philosophy

Self vs. self

Through Yoga philosophy we learn the dualistic concept of purusha and prakriti or Self and self as guideposts towards finding balance, feeling connected and ultimately a state of enlightenment. Essentially, we must understand and know our self and through this process we will feel more connected to Self. Confused yet? Here’s the breakdown. Both are… Continue reading Self vs. self

Yoga Teacher

Teachers: Why You Need to Get Off Your Mat!

There is always so much discussion and reasonings back and forth as to whether to stay on or get off the mat while teaching, and I’m sure this comes as a surprise – I have a LOT to say on this. The bottom line is, when you become a Yoga Teacher, while you are teaching… Continue reading Teachers: Why You Need to Get Off Your Mat!

Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Practice

On Deepening Our Yoga Practice

If you haven’t figured out by now that there is a lot more to Yoga than just the poses, well then please take a dig into the archive of my blogs 🙂 Even if you aren’t sure what that feeling is, something has happened to you at some point while on your mat that inspired… Continue reading On Deepening Our Yoga Practice

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7 Habits of a Yogi

Living life as a Yogi in the modern world can certainly present many challenges. The majority of us need to earn an income to pay for housing and food at the most basic level, and most jobs these days also have a certain degree of stress and pressure that come along with them. We may… Continue reading 7 Habits of a Yogi


Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

As we find our selves in the midst of the holiday season, a few tips on how to navigate this busy time.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga On and Off the Mat: Exploring the Yamas as guidelines toward compassion and equality

A certain magic happens when we link slow and controlled movement to breath, and for many the more this is experienced the further we are called to explore deeper concepts of Yoga, such as Yoga Philosophy and the 8-Limbs of Yoga.