Class Themes

Class Theme: Playfulness

The following theme can be used either for your own personal practice, or for your group classes or one ones that you are teaching. Everything below is just a guide based on my thoughts and experiences in the moment. Feel free to change anything to better suit your teaching/practice style or so that it feels more authentic to you and your own teaching voice. Namasté

Theme: Playfulness

Quote: “When you discard arrogance, complexity, and a few other things that get in the way, sooner or later you will discover that simple, childlike, and mysterious secret known to those of the Uncarved Block: Life is Fun.”
Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Physical Focus: After a good warm-up, try some different arm balances. Depending on the level of your class maybe crow, side crow or 8-angle/elephant pose.

Pranayama: Lion’s Breath

Yama/Niyama: Ishvara Pranidhana/Surrender – let it go! 

Additional Notes:

This is a fun practice to get people out of their heads and to stop taking life/Yoga so seriously. An opportunity for you as a teacher to mix things up a bit. Maybe combine a few strange flows (try them first though and make sure they are still safe) or make up some silly mudras to go along with the poses.

I like to blend children’s songs into my playlist from time to time. A couple of my faves are: This Little Light of Mine by Elizabeth Mitchell & Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Your goal for this class is to get them laughing 🙂


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