My Blog’s New Home!

Photography: Laura Pedersen I'm staying on WordPress, but new posts for my blog, articles and random Yoga stories will be directly on my website. New blogs will be posted each week on all things Yoga, self-care, healing and of course my personal reflections along the way. You can receive them direct to your inbox by… Continue reading My Blog’s New Home!

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When Discipline Becomes Attachment

A funny, like haha, like ironic is it funny, thing happened while being “devoted to my practice” this week. I forgot to start my app for my morning meditation. If you follow me on social, every couple months this year I have shared my progress as I saw those consecutive meditation days multiplying. First 40,… Continue reading When Discipline Becomes Attachment

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It’s More Than Just a Fitness Club

I found out yesterday that the Toronto St. GoodLife is closing. While to many this may seem like just one out of hundreds of clubs so no big deal, or another fallout from the great shut down - for me, this one particular club changed the entire course of my life! In the Fall of… Continue reading It’s More Than Just a Fitness Club

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Spiritual By-Passing and Yoga

From the perspective of Yoga – Spiritual by-passing essentially refers to all the wonderful things you do and experience on your mat in terms of connection and then the moment the class is finished it is as if all is forgotten. Our samskaras (habits, often negative) take over as we roll up our mats, get… Continue reading Spiritual By-Passing and Yoga

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An Ode to Teaching

I’ve been in training for 41 years. I have been studying, re-calibrating, working off intuition and learning from the very best. Through hours and hours of literal blood, sweat and tears. I was born to teach movement. I started at the age 4 in dancing. Following every word and action (or at least that’s how… Continue reading An Ode to Teaching

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Be the Source of Your Own Happiness

As someone who tries to stay on the optimistic side of life, I often look for the lessons to be learned when faced with challenges. As in when the stress of the challenge is starting to dissipate, some of the lessons are pointed out to me. After the ups and downs of emotions from the… Continue reading Be the Source of Your Own Happiness

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The Freeze Phenomenon

Over these last few weeks of isolation this is where I keep finding myself. Essentially stuck with the inability to get even simple things done like sweeping the floor or answering back on an email. It’s not really depression, though probably a little swing more to that side in terms of its flat affect. It’s… Continue reading The Freeze Phenomenon

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The Story of the Lotus Flower

The image of the lotus flower is synonymous with Yoga. We see so many beautiful designs and photos, poses and mudras using its name, the images (yantras) of the chakras and of course the beloved mantra: Om mani padme hum – may the jewel of the lotus unite us all.  What is it that makes… Continue reading The Story of the Lotus Flower

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The World Finally Slowed Down, But Did You?

I think it’s all there in the title isn’t it. I have seen a ton of stuff on social media these days (mainly because I have spent a ton more time on social media these days) about using our lack of time as our excuse for not keeping our house clean, or getting our workouts… Continue reading The World Finally Slowed Down, But Did You?

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The Great Unknown

Not knowing where to start is where I’ve spent the last few weeks. Why I have neglected writing, but at this point not good enough anymore. I think a lot of us don’t know where to start. Don’t know how we are supposed to be feeling, what comes next, what comes now. This has really… Continue reading The Great Unknown