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How Much Are YOU Worth?

One of the hardest struggles I continue to have is deciding how to price out my services. Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me and those little fish in constant opposition to each other doing my head in, more realistically it’s the little voice in my head that tells me I’m not good/smart/successful enough to place… Continue reading How Much Are YOU Worth?

Life & Love

Gratitude as a State of Being

A little harder to wake up on this cold rainy morning in early Fall. A little tougher to get focused sitting at my computer, my coffee cup already empty. Cats curled up on my desk having a snooze. The wind in the trees calling me to look outside yet again. And I sit here full… Continue reading Gratitude as a State of Being

Life & Love

5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

As an entrepreneur the hustle is real. Every day and pretty much all the time. This is great when you are full of ideas and the energy to match. Significantly harder when your brain is working a little more slowly, every ping on your phone is a distraction and you keep having reasons to get… Continue reading 5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

Yoga Philosophy

Self vs. self

Through Yoga philosophy we learn the dualistic concept of purusha and prakriti or Self and self as guideposts towards finding balance, feeling connected and ultimately a state of enlightenment. Essentially, we must understand and know our self and through this process we will feel more connected to Self. Confused yet? Here’s the breakdown. Both are… Continue reading Self vs. self