Class Themes

Class Theme: Peace

This practice is essentially devoted to the Yama: Ahimsa or non-violence. Watching our actions: in our poses are we helping or hurting by trying to make the pose fit our bodies rather than adjusting the pose to feel better for us? Watching our thoughts: are we using kind words towards ourselves both on and off… Continue reading Class Theme: Peace

Yoga Practice

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

  Step #1 – Sit down, close your eyes, quiet your mind. The hard truth is, that is really what you need to do. The reality is, as we know, it’s not quite that simple. A few years ago, I wrote: A Beginner's Guide to Yoga. Recently I went to reference a similar article around… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Class Themes

Class Theme: Crown Chakra

The central point of this theme is crown chakra activation. Our crown chakra, is our connection to the divine. The ability to surrender to the universe, love or a higher power. Spirituality (not religion) plays a strong role in Yoga philosophy and practice, helping on our quest to find a connection to our true Self,… Continue reading Class Theme: Crown Chakra


3 Steps for a Yogi Holiday Season

It happens every year. As December 1st comes closer we begin to envision a magical holiday season, different than any other year. Our house is perfectly decorated, we finished all our shopping weeks early, we have successfully completed all of our holiday traditions and even started a few more, delivered home baked cookies to all… Continue reading 3 Steps for a Yogi Holiday Season

Class Themes

Class Theme: Slow Down

With the holiday season starting, this is a perfect reminder for our students to slow down and be present. There is no greater gift then presence. The best news, once you realize you aren't present - you are! Presence is also something that needs to be worked on and strengthened. How do we do this?… Continue reading Class Theme: Slow Down