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What I Wish I Knew Then

I’m certainly not a person who has regrets, and certainly not because I haven’t made a ton of mistakes or got stuck on the wrong path for too long. But really because I know that all of these experiences, and probably mostly the ones that didn’t feel so great at the time, have helped shape… Continue reading What I Wish I Knew Then

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Class Theme: Maya (Illusion)

The theme of Maya is one centred on honesty. Maya is the Sanskrit word for illusion. Through this practice we must pause in reflection, focusing on reducing our samskaras (habits, often negative) moving slowly to truly listen to ourself in mind and body. We spend so much time checking off all of our to do's… Continue reading Class Theme: Maya (Illusion)


Self Care – NOW!

This article originally appeared in canfitpro magazine Jan/Feb 2018 edition Too often my clients are coming to me suffering from high burnout. Trying to take on too much, to be everything to everyone, to be at the top of their game every day. Well sure these are great things to have on your list of… Continue reading Self Care – NOW!

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Class Theme: Nourish & Nurture

This is one of my all time favourite themes as those who take my classes often will know. Something we don't get enough of - rest, recharge, rebuild. This practice centres around slowing down and truly listening to our bodies. The following theme can be used either for your own personal practice, or for your… Continue reading Class Theme: Nourish & Nurture

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Class Theme: Reset – Recharge

This is a great class to run periodically as we can all use the reset button from time to time. Ensure that you include a longer seated meditation at the end for a longer chance of reflection and opportunity for clarity of mind. The following theme can be used either for your own personal practice,… Continue reading Class Theme: Reset – Recharge

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International Yoga Day!

International Yoga Day was declared by the UN in 2014 at the urging of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The first celebration was on June 21, 2015, also marking the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This was a way to unite the entire world in a practice, in a philosophy that honours… Continue reading International Yoga Day!