Class Themes

Class Theme: Let the Sunshine In

Whether it's a gloomy day or a bright sunny day, this revitalizing flow will uplift your mood, re-energize your soul and put a smile on your face. This is all about the heart openers! Big crescent lunges throughout sun salutations, chest expansions with arms wide open in standing postures all mixed into a sweet and… Continue reading Class Theme: Let the Sunshine In

Class Themes

Class Theme: Creating Space

One of the most beautiful things a regular yoga practice brings is space. Space between breath, space in our joints for more easeful movement and of course space in our minds by quieting our thoughts and becoming more present. This class theme is devoted to creating more space in mind and body leaving us free to re-cover what… Continue reading Class Theme: Creating Space

Class Themes

Class Theme: The Most Important Thing

In a world where everything seems like a priority, the to do lists are never ending and we continuously feel pulled in six different directions, it's all too easy to become overwhelmed. However when we are centred and present we can truly see the forest through the trees. This practice is a reminder of what… Continue reading Class Theme: The Most Important Thing

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Hip Opening Yoga Class Sequence

Every time I teach Yoga, the one pose everyone always asks for: Pigeon Pose. Why? The delicious sensation of opening the outer hips, the release of tension not just from the hips but the IT band and lower back is something we all crave. From desk jockeys, to weekend warriors, to professional athletes and of… Continue reading Hip Opening Yoga Class Sequence

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Class Theme: Just Breathe

When we look at the eight limbs of Yoga, the breath is equally important as the movement or asanas. However, in the west where Yoga has become popularized for it's great workout (which it is!) often the focus on the importance of breath is lost. From The Sutras of Patanjali 2:46 Asana is a steady,… Continue reading Class Theme: Just Breathe

Class Themes

Class Theme: Letting go of Frustration

Yes, I've lived in Canada my whole life. Yes, I know that it is only March which means it is still winter. Yes, I also just came back from Costa Rica and a nice warm break. Yes, I'm still frustrated that winter is not over. My assumption is that quite a few of us are… Continue reading Class Theme: Letting go of Frustration

Class Themes

Class Theme: Opening Our Heart Chakra

In honour of heart day, a heart chakra themed class for you to play with all week. The heart chakra honours love for the sake of love. Anahata, the sanskrit translation means un-struck. Beyond the pain or grief we may experience in life, it is the ability to live with a pure heart, open to… Continue reading Class Theme: Opening Our Heart Chakra

Class Themes

Class Theme: Patience

We can always use a reminder to be patient every now and then. "Patience is a virtue" my Dad always said, but I actually had no idea what he meant by that. I have been reminded lately that patience along with a little faith will bring you what you need in it's own due time.… Continue reading Class Theme: Patience

Class Themes

Class Theme: Mind/Body Detox

We often think of a detox style class to be focused on the workout. This cleansing practice however is a reset for both mind and body. A strong physical practice, but with moments built in between flows for reflection, observation and meditation. Think of this as space clearing for mind, body and spirit. The following… Continue reading Class Theme: Mind/Body Detox

Class Themes

Class Theme: Joy

What a power, what a gift. Experiencing Joy! This practice is devoted to feeling good inside and out. Please scroll to the bottom for a short meditation you can share with your students for cultivating Joy. The following theme can be used either for your own personal practice, or for your group classes or one… Continue reading Class Theme: Joy