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Sinking not Pulling

Every now and then, when I’m completely in my teaching zone a cue will just pour out of me that changes the shape of my teaching moving forward. This happened a few weeks ago while moving through a Yin based practice. Sinking not pulling. I’ve used tons of different cues over the years to describe… Continue reading Sinking not Pulling

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How to Have Longevity as a Fitness/Yoga Teacher

I was updating my LinkedIn profile the other day and the count is right there to the month, 17 years and 6 months employed by GoodLife Fitness. My big break into the fitness industry and even though my career has expanded in many ways, I’m still thankful to be teaching for the same company all… Continue reading How to Have Longevity as a Fitness/Yoga Teacher

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Spring Cleaning for Our Spine and Joints

Looking out my window this morning while sipping my coffee, I saw the most trusted sign that Spring is here in Canada: a Robin red-breast. So with that assurance, it's time to get going with a little spring cleaning! Yoga as we know is such an amazing practice to get the entire body moving. One… Continue reading Spring Cleaning for Our Spine and Joints

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Hip Opening Yoga Class Sequence

Every time I teach Yoga, the one pose everyone always asks for: Pigeon Pose. Why? The delicious sensation of opening the outer hips, the release of tension not just from the hips but the IT band and lower back is something we all crave. From desk jockeys, to weekend warriors, to professional athletes and of… Continue reading Hip Opening Yoga Class Sequence

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Teachers: Why You Need to Get Off Your Mat!

There is always so much discussion and reasonings back and forth as to whether to stay on or get off the mat while teaching, and I’m sure this comes as a surprise – I have a LOT to say on this. The bottom line is, when you become a Yoga Teacher, while you are teaching… Continue reading Teachers: Why You Need to Get Off Your Mat!

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The Only 3 Things You Need to be an Amazing Yoga Teacher!

Having led Yoga Teacher Trainings and presented at various Yoga and Fitness Conferences for the last 8 years, in addition to an accumulated 17 years + in the industry, to be a fabulous, amazing, confident, skilled, inspiring, motivating… insert the blank Yoga and/or Fitness Professional it comes down to these three things. Just like wellness/weight… Continue reading The Only 3 Things You Need to be an Amazing Yoga Teacher!

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Heart Opening Yoga Class Sequence

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy this great flow to warm our hearts with Valentines Day and Family Day this weekend. Heart opening practices this time of year aren’t just great thematically but more so energetically. These last few months of cold have most of us curling inward in tension to brace against the winds. This is… Continue reading Heart Opening Yoga Class Sequence

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5 Steps to Get Hired to Teach Yoga

A question I am asked all the time: “I’ve finished my trainings now how do I get a job teaching?” Here is my collection of tips that will help you to get on the right track. Whether you are new to teaching, looking to pick up more classes, recently completed some specialty trainings or maybe… Continue reading 5 Steps to Get Hired to Teach Yoga

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Boosting Our Bandhas

The practice of yoga dates back as early as 3000 BCE when stone seals were found depicting people sitting in meditative postures. If we follow the history of yoga as a physical practice (Asana) the poses were developed to help the body prepare to sit for long periods in meditation comfortably. Poses that would develop… Continue reading Boosting Our Bandhas

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Guided Meditation on Self-Care

Please find the following scripted meditation for self-care and honouring Self. Feel free to share directly with your class or to make any adjustments that are better suited to you and your class.   Guided Meditation for Self-Care As we find ourselves in savasana, let’s take a moment to feel our entire bodies relaxing deeply… Continue reading Guided Meditation on Self-Care