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Love Attracts Love

Love attracts love... a mantra that came to me when I needed to hear it most. At the time I was alone, struggling to find my self-worth and unable to convince myself that I deserved love and deserved to be treated with respect by a partner. I had been "looking for someone to love" for a… Continue reading Love Attracts Love

Life & Love, Self-Care

Take the Break

While Yoga retreats come in all shapes and forms, for me I use them as a true reset button for my practice. A chance to explore, peel back the layers, remove all other obstacles of daily living, set intentions, and completely dedicate myself to my practice.


Changing Our Perspective

Living in the city, constantly being sucked in by all the things, everywhere all the time. The continuous buzz around me of people, cars, bikes, noise, lights etc. I’ve always been attracted to cities and generally they are my first calling when traveling. Yet I also feel like I’m constantly searching for those little hidden… Continue reading Changing Our Perspective


Resetting the Bar on Stress Resiliency

Here I am off on holiday out to the west coast of Canada to catch up with family and friends. A vacation, at least I keep telling myself that in hopes that it will both sink in and be understood as truth. We should take vacation! We need to take vacations and time out from… Continue reading Resetting the Bar on Stress Resiliency

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The Only 3 Things You Need to be an Amazing Yoga Teacher!

Having led Yoga Teacher Trainings and presented at various Yoga and Fitness Conferences for the last 8 years, in addition to an accumulated 17 years + in the industry, to be a fabulous, amazing, confident, skilled, inspiring, motivating… insert the blank Yoga and/or Fitness Professional it comes down to these three things. Just like wellness/weight… Continue reading The Only 3 Things You Need to be an Amazing Yoga Teacher!


The 3 Most Important Words of Your New Year

What are these three most important words? I’m sure you are dying to know. What is the pivotal point, the most important thing that will make this new year better than all the new years, better than all the other years, the best year ever! These three little words. What is the secret that I… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Words of Your New Year


Winter Self-Care

Winter is a time for cozying up with blankets and a warm cup of tea, for watching the snow fall from the warmth of your home, hot baths a good book and lots of quiet time. For many of us these are simple luxuries our busy life does not afford. From an Ayurvedic perspective, both… Continue reading Winter Self-Care


The Art of Vacation

Full disclosure: this is a shameless plug for my upcoming Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. However, the true purpose of this blog, both individually and as a whole, is always to bring you back to YOU. To step back amidst life's chaos to honour what is important to YOU, either by reminding you about or… Continue reading The Art of Vacation


3 Steps for a Yogi Holiday Season

It happens every year. As December 1st comes closer we begin to envision a magical holiday season, different than any other year. Our house is perfectly decorated, we finished all our shopping weeks early, we have successfully completed all of our holiday traditions and even started a few more, delivered home baked cookies to all… Continue reading 3 Steps for a Yogi Holiday Season

Life & Love, Self-Care

On Inspiration and Motivation

The fact that I am writing this post is actually shocking to me. Up until 6 months ago, and probably for the 20 years in front of that, I've been constantly in search of ways to slow down, ground myself, and reduce stress. Yet here I am - finally and also gratefully, on the other… Continue reading On Inspiration and Motivation